10 Blog Ideas That Make Money

Are you looking for fantastic blog ideas that make money? For that, you will have to apply a few clever tricks. There’s no rocket science involved to learn this. Even a newbie can succeed with consistent work and the latest techniques. In this highly competitive online market, it’s hard to make a name amongst the millions of blogs on the web.

Here are some great ideas that will surely help:

  1. Advertising programs

Today, there are lots of advertising programs for bloggers that are profitable in many ways. There are four options given below. You can post ads on your blog pages to get more clicks.

  1.    AdSense by Google
  2.    Blog Ads
  3.    Text Link Ads
  4.    ChitikaeMiniMalls

In addition to ad publishing to the blog, there are programs for RSS advertising like Pheedo. You can get great benefits from them. It’s only one of the fabulous blog ideas that make money.3

  1. Affiliate programs

Affiliate marketing has become quite popular recently. A company pays you commissions for helping them sell their products. Visitors on your blog view the company’s ad. If they click through to the company’s website and do specific things, you get paid. The specific activities by visitors can vary. Some affiliate programs pay per click (PPC). Others pay per lead or per sale. There are the four biggest and established affiliate programs on the internet. These can be used to make money blogging and you won’t need to look for payday loan locations near you for extra cash. These four programs are:

  1.    Amazon
  2.    Click Bank
  3.    Linkshare
  4.    Commission Junction

Use any of these to get profit.

  1. Company sponsorship

The trend of blog sponsorship is rising these days. More businesses are aware of the popularity and benefits of blogging. They know the potential value of blog marketing. Company sponsorship deals vary from ‘advertising’ blogs that focus on the products of a company. They add the company’s name, brand and logo to an existing blog.

These types of blog ideas that make money have an issue. You have to be well-known already. You need to have high traffic to attract sponsors.

  1. Hired by company

Many businesses plan to have blogs. They don’t have enough staff or talent to create and organize it. You can get recruited by them. This will help you start a blog and make money in a short period of time.

To get to the clients looking for hiring your services, you will have to do lots of research. Job portals and job websites are an ideal place to find such companies. If you have an excellent profile and a good track record, the business will surely take an interest in working with you.

  1. Freelance blogging

Blog networks are spreading across the web. Some of them are in search of people to write blogs. They pay for writers. Payment modes are different, but there is a fixed monthly payment for writing a particular number of blog posts. It’s a common way to make money. An example of it is bloggerjobs.biz. It offers the opportunity of posting blogs to get money.

  1. Blog to advertise a particular product

Some more blog ideas that make money are to promote a particular service or product on your blog. The trend of blogging is gaining popularity these days. These are smart alternatives to sales letter websites. The blog format is different, but the message or the content is nearly the same. A tagline is used in every blog entry. Blogs that are designed for advertisement purpose are different than others. They have engaging content to entice buyers. The layout and user interface is smooth and precise.

  1. Selling eBooks

It’s among the best blog ideas that make money if the right audience is targeted. Selling intellectual property is an excellent way to earn a profit. EBooks are popular and widely read all over the world because of many advantages. These can be easily downloaded on any device and can be copied as many times as required. Choose an interesting book that will mesmerize visitors and turn them into buyers.

  1. Integration of social media

Social media has become a popular and widely used platform to drive traffic to a blog. Connect your blog with social media sites. If you are selling an eBook, you can promote it on various social platforms. Use sophisticated marketing techniques to gain the attention of potential buyers. Update pages or posts regularly to develop the interest of the users. Facebook and Twitter have millions of members. Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube are also perfect sources to market on a wider scale. It’s one of the clever blog ideas that make money by driving more traffic to your page.

  1. Juicy content

It’s vital to have interesting original content to get more traffic to your blog. It should have high readability score and offer some value to the readers. Using multimedia and infographics is a good trick to get readers stuck to your blog. Update content regularly to add variety. Have an email subscription option where every new post is emailed to the subscribers automatically. It will increase their interest. It’s a nice way to make money blogging for beginners that works.

  1. Popular niche

Blogs about health and fitness are more profitable than others. Similarly, you can have a blog on relationships that is also popular. Writing about money and finance or how to manage payday loans in Henderson, NV are some great blog ideas that make money. In a health blog, new research and studies can be mentioned with practical tips about fitness and wellbeing. Everyone is looking for a solution to their disorder. Weight loss posts are more widely read because a large number of people suffer from obesity. Add findings by certified physicians, health experts, doctors and medical institutes. They should be credible and authentic with explicit reference.

These guidelines will surely help to start a blog and make money. With continuous effort and clever tricks, it’s easy to master the art of money making through blogging. For more information, surf the web. There is plenty of material to help you out.

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