Some say that the best gaming headsets are nothing but overpriced marketing gimmicks and that if you are looking for a good audio-sensory experience you would be better off investing in a pair of audiophile headphones, but are such claims true?

The thing you have to keep in mind is; gaming headsets and audiophile headphones are designed for different purposes. Audiophile headphones are designed to give the audience the most natural, realistic sound possible, and while it is true that you can use audiophile headphones when you are playing games, it is still better for you to invest in an actual pair of gaming headsets for quite a few different reasons. Although some might say that gaming headsets are gimmicky, these days manufacturers are coming up with solid gaming headsets that are far from being gimmicky in nature thanks to several of their qualities, some of which are pretty much exclusive to gaming headsets alone. Take soundstage, for instance, which any pair of gaming headset worth their salt and price tag have. Soundstage allows you to listen to the direction from which a sound, be it the sound of a bomb going off or the footsteps or an enemy sneaking behind your back, comes from. This means a massive competitive advantage for you, allowing you to strategize and choose the best course of action in the heat of a battle in your game because it will be very hard for your enemies to catch you off-guard.Image result for GAMING HEADSETS VS AUDIOPHILE HEADPHONES, WHICH ARE BEST FOR GAMING?

While audiophile headphones are indeed made to be as comfortable as possible, they are not made to be worn for hours on end comfortably. Compare this to gaming headsets, which are indeed designed for long and rigorous hours of gaming sessions that can last for half a day. This means no worrying over getting a headache for using a pair of headsets for far too long. Plus, gaming headsets in general have a pretty solid microphone, many of which are detachable. This means saving you the need to buy an additional microphone just to communicate clearly with your teammates or guild mates in an online game. Not all audiophile headphones come with a microphone, meaning that if you often need to shell out extra cash just to buy an additional microphone and the needing to set up both your headphone and microphone separately, which can be more than just a hassle.

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