How to customize stock ROMs

If you can root your phone and install a custom ROM, you can customize your android phone just the way you thought. However, not being able to root does limit your options but you can still customize the way stock ROMs look. Here are some customization tips that will help you make the most of stock ROMs.

Tip 1: Install a third-party launcher app

If you want to change the way stock ROMs look on different ways without having to change the ROM, then you need to install a launcher app. Your stock ROM comes with a default launcher app. Changing it with a third-party app could open up new possibilities and ways to change the look of your phone.

When choosing a launcher app, be sure to check pricing. Some launcher apps are free to use but they will have limited features. Finding a pro app is the only way to truly take control of your android UI.Image result for How to customize stock ROMs

Tip 2: Install a memory management app

Although a memory management app doesn’t have to do anything with how your phone looks, it will play a long role in overall optimization of stock ROMs.

You can find many free apps that manage your phone’s memory for you. However, using a paid pro apps will give you endless options and exciting features such as auto-cleaning apps based on pre-defined preferences.

Tip 3: Change lock-screen and wallpaper

If you have installed a new launcher for your phone, chances are that you already have a new wallpaper and redesigned lock-screen.

To make your phone look great, you can change the way your phone looks when it is locked. You can also change wallpaper. Just explore options in your newly installed third-party launcher.

Tip 4: Add some widgets

Based on your everyday needs, you can find some handy widgets in the Play Store. For example, you can always have weather on screen without having to open an app.

When installing widgets to customize stock ROMs, be sure to install only what’s necessary. Don’t overload your screen with widgets. It will consume a lot of memory and your phone will run out of RAM. As a result, it will become unresponsive and annoying.

Tip 5: Uninstall unnecessary apps

One sure way to optimize stock ROMs is to uninstall all the garbage that comes pre-loaded on your phone. Look for third-party apps that you don’t need. Uninstall them.

If you can’t uninstall certain app, you might have to root your phone. Once your phone is rooted, you can uninstall any app, even the system apps.

Tip 6: Try a custom ROM

When optimizing stock ROMs, you will come to a point where stock ROMs will feel like crap. You can optimize it but you can’t change the ROM. The best way is to change the ROM altogether and get something that you like instead of spending endless hours trying to customize the default firmware.

Installing a custom ROM is easy. You need a rooted phone with unlocked bootloader. You can flash the new ROM using any flashing tool of your choice.

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